We provide a platform that enables developers to build smart bots without the hassle of design and hosting, so you can focus on what you do best.

A smart bot is a software robot that is built on the Thoughtful cloud-based developer platform.

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Standardized Development
Thoughtful streamlines the end-to-end dev phase to enable you to build efficiently without compromising code quality or security.

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Supported Innovation
Complete infrastructure, coaching, and business case support to turn your ideas into functional bots.

Rewarded Experimentation
Find ways to solve challenges with the flexibility of working autonomously or collaborating with our developer network. How you work is up to you.

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Skillset Development
Sharpen your Python, API, ML, and OCR skills across industries that will advance your career and help you stand out from your peers.

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Omri Jacobs Commented

Lokendra Commented


Propero, was our first partner building digital workers through the fixed bid model. Together, we have been able to pioneer new ways to build on our platform and continue to share new ideas on how to build faster and smarter.

Testimonial #1

Our first fixed bid experience was excellent and was only possible due to the clear scope given in PDD — we look forward to many more such projects. - Lokendra Panwar, CEO

Testimonial #2

It’s been a great experience, full of new challenges that have allowed me to grow. I also loved being able to add my knowledge to help improve business processes. - Nestór, The Functionary

The Functionary continues to build bots through our Fixed Bid model by collaborating with our developer network in order to gain the skills to be successful.

Otomatika has partnered with us since 2021. Thoughtful has continued to count on Otomatika for making the Fixed Bid model successful. Their skilled engineers have delivered quality bots and provided feedback to create a thriving Fixed Bid experience for all partners.

Testimonial #3

Otomatika has been working with Thoughtful for a couple of months building fixed bid bots - and it has been an absolute pleasure. The Thoughtful team is world class, not only from a technology aspect but also in terms of human relations. - Omri Jacobsz